MP Corrosion Innovation Awards Finalists for 2023

The global corrosion control and protective coatings community submitted a record total of more than 50 nominations for MP’s 2023 Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program. Of those nominations, 10 will ultimately be declared winners by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

As of January 2023, here’s a look at award finalists following the first round of judging by our panel. The winners will be publicly announced in March at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Materials Performance (MP) magazine will honor its new class of winners for the 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program in a special ceremony on Monday, March 20, just outside the Exhibit Hall entrance at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo. The ceremony will take place immediately prior to the Exhibit Hall’s Grand Opening at 5:00 p.m. local time.

“The winners of our 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards will represent some of the most promising technologies in the industry today,” says Rebecca A. Bickham, MP’s Editor-in-Chief.

Since 2014, the MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program has provided a forum for association members and customers to showcase their corrosion mitigation technologies while receiving recognition for their innovative solutions. Winners are selected by a panel of corrosion control and protective coatings experts spanning a wide range of subject matter expertise from across the industry.

In all, the global corrosion control community submitted more than 50 nominations for the 2023 awards, representing the most submissions in program history. To be considered an innovation, nominated projects are required show the potential for a significant positive impact in corrosion control. Innovations can be related to coatings and linings, materials, design, equipment, testing, monitoring, integrity assessment, cathodic protection, chemical treatment, or anything else directly related to corrosion prevention and mitigation.

Anyone worldwide involved with corrosion control, including individuals, companies, organizations, and governments, can submit a nomination. There is no fee to enter the program.

2023 Finalists

“AirIQ: ER-based, Real-Time Atmospheric Corrosion Monitor”
Earn Sakornpan, Igal Brodetsky, Daljit Singh

“Anticorrosion Rigid Anode Rod for Water Heater”
Hu Libiao, Cao Jing
Zhejiang Yuxi Corrosion Control Corp.

“Articulated Robotic Coating Arm for Confined Spaces”
Stan Swartz, Rylan Hugens
Confined Space Robotics Inc.

“Artificial Intelligence for Electromagnetic TubeTesting”
Marco Michele Sisto, David Veilleux, Philippe MacKay
Eddyfi Technologies

“Atmospheric Corrosion ISO9223 Search”
Joseph Mazzella, Tom Hayden
Engineering Director, Inc.

“Atmospheric Corrosion Rate Sensor”
Lyudmila Nyrkova, Svetlana Osadchuk
Ukraine’s E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute

“Bidirectional Touchscreen GPS Current Interrupter”
Elizabeth Nicholson, Kyle Kato, Pat Yaremko
Cathodic Technology Ltd.

“Bullhorn RM5 Series RMU”
American Innovations

“CorTalk RDL1 Remote Datalogger”
Tony da Costa, Phil Daum, Lucas Holzen, Anas Alsalahi, Will Maize
Mobiltex Data Ltd.

“Digital Fabric Maintenance Application”
Otavio Correa, Jorge Luiz Seleme Mariano
Vidya Technology

“DVM2130 Digital Voltmeter”
American Innovations

“Effective Mitigation of Inductive and Conductive ACTraction Interference”
Sachin S. Karanth, Kirit Panchal
SARK EPC Projects Pvt Ltd.

Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, Chris Desmond, Nathan Pace
Matergenics Inc.

“Free the Data: No Subscription, CP Remote Monitoring”
Josh Sowards, Paul Bazzetta
Milwaukee Electronics

“GEM Methodology for Assessment of Corrosion Flaws in Oiland Gas Pipelines”
Colin Scott
Independent Pipeline Integrity Engineer

“GeneCount Voyager and GeneCount qKit Corrosion Portfolio”
Pat Whalen, Jordan Schmidt, Neil Sharma
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

“Graphene Paints: Genable Anticorrosion Primers”
Applied Graphene Materials UK Ltd.

“Innovative Halogen Corrosion Test System”
Vilupanur A. Ravi, Juan C. Nava and Shahan S. Kasnakjian
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

“Isopro Plus”
Lou Koszewski
U.S. Tank Protectors, Inc.

“Janus Guard”
Anthony Anderson, Roland Anderson
Axess-Corrosion, Inc.

“LoCem: Anode Mortar and Concrete Repair Material”
Graeme Jones
C-Probe Systems Ltd.

“Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network of Conductivity Probesfor Detection of Corrosive Fluids in Pipelines”
Raghu Srinivasan, Matt Cullin, Todd Petersen
University of Alaska Anchorage

“Machine Learning for Corrosion (CGR) Prediction”
Joseph Mazzella, Tom Hayden
Engineering Director, Inc.

“Metallurgically Bonded, Seamless Bimetal Composite Pipe”
Hang Su, Wensheng Li, Chengxian Yin, Anqing Fu
CNPC’s Tubular Goods Research Institute

“Non-Intrusive, Accurate Wall Thickness Monitoring System”
Naixin Lv, Anqing Fu
CNPC’s Tubular Goods Research Institute

“Optimum: Galvanic Anode Current Controller”
David Raath
Cathtect Engineering (Pty) Ltd.

“PCS Field Data Collector”
American Innovations

“PCS Wireless Sync”
Becky Gibbs Murray
American Innovations

“Perforated Stand-off System for Moisture Removal and CUI Mitigation in Thermally Insulated Pipes”
Graham Brigham, Ahmad Raza Khan Rana
Integrity Products & Supplies Inc.

“Precision Spray Painting Drone”
Robert Dahlstrom

“Production Chemicals Optimization on DELFI”
Alyn Jenkins, Miguel Hernandez, Artur Varella, David Orta, Edwin AlbanMartinez, Lucia Estrada, Christian Bonilla, Antonio Abinader, Michael VanSpankeren

“PTFE Spacer Wrap for CUI and External SCC Mitigation”
Graham Brigham, Ahmad Raza Khan Rana
Integrity Products & Supplies Inc.

“ReCorr QCQ (Quantitative Coating Quality) Device”
Sanja Martinez, Ivana Šoić
ReCorrTech, University of Zagreb

“REL2510 Solid-State Relay”
American Innovations

“RMU1-SUB Sub-Grade Remote Monitoring Unit”
Tony da Costa, William Maize, Phil Daum, Lucas Holzen, Anas Alsalahi
Mobiltex Data Ltd.

“Robotic Proactive In Water Hull Cleaning”
Ben Kinnaman
Armach Robotics

“SnakeBite Strike: The Worlds Quietest #10 Blast Nozzle”
Matthew Rowland, Trevor Seewald
BlastOne International

“SUNBIRD SP Test Post Monitor”
Jonathan Phillips, Jason Hanlon
Abriox Inc.

“Superhydrophobic Coatings for Corrosion Control”
David Morton, Rifnur Latipov
Hempel A/S

“Teslan 1105 Nano Non-Skid Deck Coating”
Todd Hawkins, Dr. Jorma Virtanen
Tesla NanoCoatings

“The N’GENIUS Series”
Dr. C.V. Roscoe
N’GENIUS Materials Technology

“Thermosyphon-Based Irradiation Experiment Assembly for In-Core IASCC/FCC Studies”
Sergei A. Shipilov
FIRST-M Consulting Ltd.

“UV-Cured Protective Coating for Internal Surfaces of Steel Pipes, Vessels”
Alessandro Condini, Carlo Trentalange

“Virtual Twin Technique for Maintenance Planning of Protective Coatings on Wind Tower Structures”
Andreas W. Momber, Tim Nattkemper, Daniel Brün
Muehlhan AG; AG Biodata Mining, Bielefeld University; Saltation GmbH

“Welding and Coating Methodology for Pipeline Repair”
Ali Saad Aldera, Edwin George
Saudi Aramco

“Why Voltage Matters For High Voltage Holiday Testing On Steel”
Vaughn Odea, Cameron Walker
Tnemec Co.; Avid Protective Products Ltd.

In addition to receiving trophies and public recognition at the conference, winners will be featured editorially throughout 2023 via both the print and digital platforms of MP.

Following this cycle, the next edition of the MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program will be held at the 2025 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, with the nominating period beginning the prior year in 2024.